Stocked components by frame size and turbine section

Frame Compressor Turbine Unit Rotor Other
MS3001 Stock Stock
MS3002 Stock Stock
MS5001 Stock Stock Stock Stock
MS5002 Stock Stock Stock Stock
MS6001B Stock Stock Stock Stock
MS7001B/E/EA Stock Stock Stock Stock
MS9001E/EA Stock Stock Stock Stock
6FA Available Available Available Available
7FA+e Stock Stock Stock Stock
9FA+e Available Available Available Available
101/151/171/251/501 Available Available Available

Parts/groups available: (Using OEM part number for reference only)

  • Our parts are interchangeable with OEM parts as they are reverse engineered from OEM parts.
  • Our parts are manufactured to our own drawings and may only reference the OEM part number.
  • Thor Precision Inc. is not an authorized distributor or representative of GE, Siemens, Westinghouse or Alstom.  The data contained herein is provided for information purposes only. Thor precision, Inc. makes no representation, warranty or guarantee (whether expressed or implied) as to the accuracy or completeness of such data or any projected performance. “Frame 3”, “MS3001”, “MS3002”, “Frame 5”, “MS5001”, “MS5002” “Frame 6”, “MS6001B”, “6FA”, “Frame 7”, “MS7001B/E/EA”, “7FA+e”, “Frame 9”, “MS9001/E/EA”, “9FA+e”are registered trademarks of General Electric.  “OEM” and “OE” are generic terms not used in association with any one particular.
TPI Group No. Similar to:
51103289-G04 114A9823G004
51209138-G01 142B8319G001
30105761-G03 143B1675G003
30205233-G01 143B3325G001
30205233-G02 143B3325G002
51504188-G01 184A8814G001
51504188-G03 184A8814G003
52504188-G05 184A8814G005
51109540-G03 185A0459G003
75408167-G16 187C7618G015
75408167-G16 187C7618G016
75408167-G18 187C7618G018
75206262-G08 201B2626G008
75406262-G09 201B2626G009
75103362-G05 201B2633G005
62107546-G03 208B6457G003
62302441-G03 213B1442G003
95104066-G03 219B6604G003
95307066-G07 219B6607G007
95207066-G08 219B6607G008
52108417-G03 225A7148G003
62207149-G05 227B9417G005
75305909-G01 227C9095G001
95306909-G01 227C9096G001
30109468-G01 258B8649G001
62400686-G01 286A6860G001
62400686-G03 286A6860G003
95407969-G07 295A9697G007
52206326-G01 320B6236G001
  • All groups stocked as balanced, assembled and crated and ready for overseas shipment
  • Inventory is subject to prior sale and replenishment cycle